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Investor FAQs


The ticker symbol for Aviragen Therapeutics is AVIR and the stock trades on the Nasdaq Global Market.

The transfer agent is:            
American Stock Transfer & Trust, LLC
Operations Centre
6201  15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
Phone (800) 937-5449 / Fax (718) 921-8200

Registered shareholders should contact the Company's Transfer Agent for account information. Those who hold their shares at their brokerage should contact that firm for all matters pertaining to the account.

1985 in Australia, moved to Nasdaq from 9 November 2012.

Aviragen Therapeutics fiscal year ends on 30 June.

Go to the INVESTORS section of the Aviragen Therapeutics website. Select FINANCIAL INFORMATION to view or print a variety of financial reports.  You can also set up an email subscription to receive news and Financial information located on the bottom of the Investor Relations page.

Selecting a broker

A number of Australian brokers provide facilities that enable trading on foreign exchanges. These range from full service brokers to non-advisory brokers such as Fortrend Securities, CommSec, E*Trade and Westpac Securities.

Setting up an account

Brokers will require their clients to register with their global markets trading service.
The application process will vary from broker to broker, but will generally require the following:

  • Complete and sign an application form, including certified photocopies of personal identification such as a driver's licence or passport. Some brokers may also require inclusion of a recent bank statement;
  • Read and sign a risk disclosure statement for international securities trading;
  • Read and sign the U.S. Department and Treasury IRS Form W-8BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding; and
  • An authority form will also need to be completed if clients wish to authorise someone else to trade and / or conduct transactions on their behalf.

These requirements will generally be integrated into one application form.  The time taken to establish an account will vary but is typically around one week.  

Depositing shares to your account

Brokers will provide the required forms to deposit any existing shares to be traded into the new account.


The procedure for trading shares will vary from broker to broker, but generally allow for trading over the phone and/or online.

Brokers typically establish a U.S. account for each client and may require client instructions to transfer funds between a local account and the U.S. account when U.S. shares are traded.


Fees will vary from broker to broker, but may include the following:

  • Transaction brokerage;
  • Custody fee for inactive accounts;
  • Outgoing account transfers (either to another custodian or direct registration to client);
  • Posted trade confirmation fee;
  • Incoming account transfers (from transfers from another custodian);
  • Miscellaneous exchange and regulatory fees;
  • Foreign receive fees; and
  • One-off establishment fee.

You should confirm fees directly with your broker.

Applicability of United States Withholding Tax to share trading by Australian residents

Australia has an income tax treaty with the United States under which Australian residents can claim a reduced rate of, or exemption from withholding tax on income received from dividends and trading of shares in the United States.

Brokers will request clients to complete a W-8BEN form to declare they are resident in Australia and not a U.S. citizen and claim exemption.  The form is generally provided by the broker at the time of establishing the trading account (refer details below on setting up an account).  You should read the instructions on the W-8BEN form in detail and return the completed form to your broker.

If you formerly held your stock on the ASX exchange and don't have your account number with the Company's U.S. based transfer agent click here to request assistance, include your contact information, including mailing address, and telephone number.  You will be contacted for assistance. 

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